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In 2017 we teamed up with Mr Ron Butler, Scottish poet and novelist, who wrote a poem inspired by the images and narratives collected by Project Soothe. The recording was made during our public exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.


The Offering

Before we were born we knew only darkness
and the lap-lap-lapping of moonless tides drawn
and released from a woman’s heart,

Since then, it seems we live in exile,

And yet, there are moments when we accept
the ground beneath our feet will not give way,
the sky above will shelter,
the sea bring reassurance,
and other people – those wayward stars whose gravities
criss-cross into our own – might strengthen us and comfort,

Such. Fleeting. Moments.

So when we can, let’s remember who we are
and where we come from
and make this memory our offering in return.

And share, and soothe.

The Offering by Ron Butlin

Duration 1:50

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