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Boys in Mind collaboration

Project Soothe collaborated with Boys in Mind to run a pilot project at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bath, the first school in England to be involved.

Andrew and Richard from Boys in Mind, together with Stella, led a whole school assembly to talk to the children and staff about the project. The children at the school could then send in a photo for the project that soothes them, along with a short sentence explaining why they have chosen it. Andrew and Richard showed them some examples of photos that help them feel good to give them some ideas. All the images sent in were then printed out for the children and Andrew worked with a film team of around 6 children to make a film about the project and why children have chosen particular images.

The film group then chose around 25 images to create a display in school as well as slideshows of the images that could be used in class during reflection time, assemblies, and in the entrance foyer. They also planned to share and show their display in other places, such as St. Mary’s Church, and Chandler Close Care Home, to help improve wellbeing in their wider community.

You can watching a video about this collaboration by clicking here, or by visiting our videos page


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Monday 07-03-22


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