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Submission #2202 (2974)

Submission #2202 (2974)

The photo with the gate. I don’t really know – something about the composition with the windy path and the old gate with the rounded edges is just very dreamy and it looks so peaceful. I think it’s the yellowy sky as well. It wasn’t that peaceful in the moment – the wind was blustery and bitterly cold – but in the photo it just looks almost like from a fairytale.
The next three seem to have a theme – my pup and calm water on a sunny day. All three just make me feel at peace and relaxed, unrushed. I do love being around/on water – the noise of the water lapping on the canoe, and the fact it’s quiet enough that you can hear the water lapping against the canoe. They all feel like a break from the rush and bustle of real life, just a moment of serenity and sharing the moment with my best friend (my dog). the weather is warm on my skin and sunny, but not too hot (and I overheat easily!), just warm enough that I’m relaxed and happy to linger on the dog walk. All the photos are in the UK, two are a couple of minutes from home. I’m a home bird and feel safest, most secure and relaxed in my familiar surroundings – the British countryside.
All of the photos it’s the feeling of peace, calm, quiet, and gentleness that the photos have that I find soothing.

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Tuesday 04-04-23


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