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Project Soothe at the Edinburgh’s International Book Festival

Project Soothe recently took part in a full-day School Gala Day event organized by the Edinburgh International Book Festival in Edinburgh on August 29, 2023.

During this event, we had the privilege of introducing Project Soothe postcards to a diverse group of school children aged 5 to 12. Each child had the opportunity to select soothing images that resonated with them and provide feedback by placing buttons in either the “soothing” or “non-soothing” activity jar. Additionally, we shared insights with the young attendees, explaining the significance of soothing images in enhancing emotional well-being and helping individuals cope with distress.

The young children had shown keen interest and enthusiasm in acquiring our postcards. The stall proved to be a focal point of engagement, attracting both students and the general public who displayed a strong desire to learn more about Project Soothe.



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Friday 08-09-23


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